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What is Zombie Gardening?


Zombie Gardening is an urban plant foraging guide for zombie survival. It is a fun and unique field guide for both youth and adults. The book draws readers in by offering unique and humorous field notes about the identification of edible plants and the ongoing struggles of living in a post zombie world. Also, check out the Zombie Gardening Teaching Guide available on Amazon. 

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"Author Adam Kessel provides readers with a beautifully illustrated field guide to foraging that may just save your life one day... From food to medicine, Zombie Gardening covers it all."

-Zombie Research Society


What is the Zombie Gardening Teaching Guide?

The Zombie Gardening Teaching Guide will provide a framework on utilizing the book, Zombie Gardening, to introduce basic plant identification and gardening to your audiences. This teaching guide includes a lesson plan, teaching tips, foraging scenario cards, a classroom foraging guide, and an indoor foraging option to help all teachers have a successful Zombie Gardening adventure anytime, anywhere. 

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